Immovable gets it's name from the Japanese deity Fudō Myō-ō. Fudo literally means "Immovable", as he is unwavering in his faith and dedication. We felt like that idea summed up our feelings about tattooing and the shop we wanted to create perfectly.

Immovable Tattoo was created to fill a need. We believe in order to make good tattoos and grow as artists you need a comfortable environment and good people that help you realize your full potential. Everyone at Immovable has the common goal of learning how to do the best work they possibly can. There's always room for improvement and we want to keep progressing in our craft.

All of us at Immovable have an individual style that we've developed over the years. This gives the shop a wide range of versatility but it also keeps each of us working hard, trying to create work that appeals to other styles and arrangements. No matter what style you're looking for or how complicated your idea, we can offer you the most knowledgeable artists in the area to help create your one-of-a-kind tattoo. 


Recent Photos from Friday the 13th (10.13.17):